Managing energy in schools to reduce energy consumption


Courtesy of Drumbeat Energy Limited

Drumbeat Energy Management is set to transform the way that schools, academies and other educational organisations manage their energy consumption.  They offer a simple and effective approach to reducing energy consumption in schools, allowing them to become thoroughly proficient and self- sufficient in energy management in the shortest practical time.

The Drumbeat team has extensive experience within the education sector with specialists in energy management within schools.This enables them to apply a unique approach to energy management, through established methods within a school environment.

The Drumbeat energy management in schools approach will take the School Business Manager through a logical 3 stage process on an energy management journey – The Drumbeat Journey:

Stage 1 - Primary Energy Assessment

Stage 2 - The Energy Management System

Stage 3 - Achieving in-house Proficiency

Drumbeat develops and installs an energy management system for schools to make a real reduction in energy consumption.  Those savings can go straight back into the budget pot, year on year, which means they can be channelled into much more productive areas, such as learning materials, equipment and the provision of up-to-date resources.

Drumbeat Energy Founder, Graham Mills said:

“Drumbeat’s integrated energy management support is a stronger, lower risk solution than trying to manage energy consumption internally, without specialist knowledge and training.  We can work within a school; take the lead and take the strain, leaving Business Managers and Principles free to concentrate on the overall school management.  Gradually, we build up the school’s own ability to manage energy proficiently. By getting a real grip on energy management, schools will see real cost-saving benefits through adopting best-practice energy management techniques”.


He went on to say:

“When the school is fully confident and proficient and they are clearly reaping the benefits, our job is done and we’re gone. How long is that journey with Drumbeat? Probably only a matter of months. Developing the in-house energy management skill for schoolsonce and for allwill have a long term effect”.

With Drumbeat’s guidance, schools can become proficient and self-sufficient in the art of energy management in the shortest practical time. Drumbeat doesn’t just tell you how to get there; they will get actively involved on site, to a schedule.

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