Maximising Savings with Voltage Optimisation

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This article compares different voltage optimisation technologies and illustrates the advantages of the comec inv (induced negative voltage) technology for achieving the best energy saving results in commercial facilities.

Saving electricity by regulating and controlling voltage is not a novel idea. The basic principles stem from the fundamental laws of electricity, and the UK market has been implementing these ideas into reality for already a decade.

A multitude of companies sell systems that enable voltage reduction from the relatively high voltage level on the UK grid, providing around 10%off electric costs. And, the fact that in the UK the nominal voltage level is excessive, around 240V compared with 230V harmonised voltage supply inEurope, increase further the opportunities for implementation of these technologies.

The real question that demands an answer is - how does one implement an efficient energy saving system that will be able to maximise electricity savings at different voltage levels and environments, without compromising on the performance of the electrice quipment installed at the facility?

This is the question we will address to answer in this article, by explaining the different technologies in use as well as providing a competitive analysis of energy efficiency systems available in the market today.

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