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Measuring Greece's progress towards energy sustainability

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Energy is essential to economic and social development and improved quality of life. The European Union (EU) constitutes one of the world's largest energy consumers. The EU members include – among others – Germany and Greece, two countries with large disparities/differences in their energy systems, yet with certain similarities. The role of indicators that can measure all the future changes is crucial for the assessment of a country's progress towards a sustainable energy future. The objective of this paper is to benefit from a set of indicators that can guide necessary modifications to energy planning in Greece, so as to make its energy system more responsive to sustainable energy development issues. Furthermore, more specific targets are the monitoring of Greece's progress towards the development of sustainable energy systems during the last decade, compared to that of Germany's. Finally, we aim to point out the applicability and utility of an environment-friendly energy system with the use of statistical analysis.

Keywords: sustainable development, energy indicators, renewable energy, energy systems, Greece, energy sustainability, Germany

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