Mining chemistry. Intensification of processes by ABC-100 (GlobeCore)

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We have investigated the influence of the ABC (Magnetic Vortex Machine, PC GlobeCore production) on the intensification of the mining chemistry processes. Magnetic Vortex Activator ABC-100 can intensify the processes such as:

·          Ores and concentrates regrinding. ABC can grind the most of the minerals to the several microns.

·          Cleavage and leaching

·          Cementation of metals. By using the vortex layer you can make cementation of any metals by other metal (except alkaline metals), independently of theirs disposition at the electrochemical series.

·          Flotation. At the vortex layer you can provide attritioning of clay minerals for the fraction of a second.

·          Selective crushing of the minerals. You can use a possibility of the selective crushing in the ore-dressing treatment.

Production of the dispersed hydroxides and carbonates.

A main peculiarity of the Intensifier of Technological Processes in comparison with other equipments:

·               sharp intensification of physical and chemical processes;

·               conditioning of final products;

·               reduction of consumption of raw materials and augmentation of product yield;

·               reduction of energy consumption;

·               reduction of the working area;

·               possibility of an automation of technological processes.


This list is still incomplete. The possibilities of ABC are unlimited and unplumbed.


Devices are reliable, can be placed in the working areas without any foundations. In fact, parallel connection or series connection of Intensifiers ABC can provide any productivity of operation line.

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