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Miraval resort - Solar roadway lighting - Case study


Courtesy of Greenshine New Energy LLC

The Miraval Resort in Austin, Texas is a new resort from Hyatt built to cater towards guests that want a finer vacationing experience. The new resort needed lighting to surround its entry road for commuting guests. The problem was there wasn’t an electrical connection anywhere near the road, and to make matters worse, the soil was extremely rocky, nearly preventing any sort of trenching.

The engineering team tasked with the project heard of Greenshine from previous projects and integrated Miraval’s 10×10 wooden pole into Greenshine’s design. A custom solution was perfect for Miraval’s grounds, opting out of expensive and labor-intensive trenching that would have expanded the project timeline weeks into the future, halting opening the resort’s doors to the public.

Now that the resort is open, employees and guests can safely enter the resort at all times. The completed lighting project demonstrates the versatility of Greenshine’s light fixtures, emphasizing that retrofitting is possible if light poles are already available for another installation.

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