Monroe Community College Solar Installation Case Study

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Courtesy of Patriot Solar Group

Project Overview:

At the end of the fall semester MCCC renewable energy students installed a 2.1 kW solar array in joint with Patriot Solar Group. The student project consists of eight 260 watt SolarWorld panels; each panel has an Enphase M-215 micro-inverter that converts the DC voltage generated by the panels into 240 volts AC which is then fed into to the electrical system of the CTC building the array is constructed beside.

The system will allow students to experiment with electrical output by adjusting the tilt angles of the array and different inverter and wiring configurations. The system will be equipped with a data logging system that will track the output of each panel day by day and allow students to calculate the efficiency of the system in variety of configurations.

The energy generated from the array is a very small part of the electrical power used by the building but it allows the students see how a grid tied system is configured.

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