Multibillion Dollar Greenfield Industrial Development


Critical Issue
A new privately held company required an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for their initial application to regulators. They required license approval in granting permission to build on the new greenfield site.

ERMC was contracted to work with the new company and develop their Emergency Management Systems (EMS) for a new multibillion dollar industrial site. The ERP was a critical element in assisting our client in the initial application and approval from Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) regulators.

ERMC was able to participate “from the ground floor up” in the development of the Corporate Crisis Management System. The solutions provided by ERMC included:

  • Site Risk Assessment
  • Site ERP for completion of construction and “first” production.
  • Construction ERP for the actual site while being built
  • Corporate level Crisis Management Plan for the company – including the development and integration of a Corporate Crisis Communications Plan

Outcome/Return on Investment (ROI)
The plans that were developed were used in presentations made at licensing hearings and public meetings. ERMC attended hearings as part of the company’s team to assist company executives in addressing queries from interveners. Interveners did hire outside experts to evaluate and challenge the ERPs that were developed – to ensure completeness and validity. Our measure of success was that the Intervener’s expert declined to attend hearings as he could find nothing to criticize about ERPs as developed by ERMC.

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