Navajo Nation Can Benefit From Solar Too

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The Navajo Nation is the largest area in the United States that is assigned to and governed by Native Americans. It covers about 71,000 square kilometers and falls under part of southeastern Utah, northeastern Arizona and northwestern New Mexico.

The Native American tribe was imprisoned at Bosque Redondo and when they were released the Navajo Indian Nation was formed. It was later renamed to Navajo Nation. They are a small country within the United States considering they have their own laws, even though all proposed laws have to be reviewed by the American government.


They have a president, a vice president, a judicial system, social services, a police force and other law enforcement arms. As much as they have adopted modern practices and education they maintain their traditions. The area they live in gives a picture of the olden days and how the ancient Anasazi tribe lived.

They have a designated housing entity, the Navajo Housing Authority (NHA) that has recently begun building new homes for their people. These homes are to be made of materials that are less likely to get damaged by fire and are more cost effective.

No access to natural gas

Most of the already existing homes do not have access to gas or electricity and therefore use propane or wood for cooking and heating. The area’s remote location makes it difficult to access thus making it an unlikely candidate for such developments like grid electricity.

Taking advantage of alternative energy sources would make a good option for the inhabitants of this area because they need the lighting as well. The area receives a favorable amount of sunshine which makes it a good area for solar installation.

Most of the towns and villages are unpolluted and not congested meaning that there would be enough space to place street lights if it was available. The uptake of solar lighting by their residents would maintain the clean environment thus continuing their practice of not letting modernity affect their culture or harm their environment. This is evidenced by the fact that the area is mineral-rich with uranium and coal but the mining of these reduced and was eventually halted to avoid further damage to the environment.

Preserving culture and improving lives

The economy of the region is lively with their traditional arts and crafts attracting many. It is already viewed as a tourist site and focuses on selling or promoting their cultural practices, the beautiful landscape surrounding them, their authentic cuisine and their way of life.

The arrival of solar lighting would definitely improve their productivity in every sector. Schools can benefit since some schools are already teaching computers as part of the curriculum, the health sector would have better equipped hospitals and the economy as a whole will grow since lighting opens more opportunities for productivity.

Solar lighting would improve their lives all round without interfering with their culture, traditions or way of life. The people of Navajo Nation would be able to get better service delivery and improve the quality of their lives, make life a little easier for them. 

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