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Norwich - open vent boiler case study


Courtesy of Vortex Energy Saver

  • Customer: Malcolm Robinson
  • Location: Norwich, Norfolk
  • Heating System: Open Vent Glow Worm 85-100 Boiler
  • Installed: 11/09

This is a spacious four bedroom detached house, which was built in 1979. The owner installed a Vortex in November 2009 and compared his energy bills from winter 2008-2009 (pre Vortex) against winter 2009-2010 (with Vortex). The heating for winter 09-10 was running for about 50 minutes extra per day in comparison to winter 08-09 but despite this money was still saved on heating bills!
The client has advised that since the installation of Vortex gas use has reduced by an average of 2.66 Units (29.0383 KW) per day and electricity use has also reduced. The electricity use reduction can be attributed to the fact that the heating pump is running at a slower speed and is not running as often as well as the reduced boiler fan activity due to reduced burn time.

In total, based upon the winter tariffs, the owner of this property has advised that they are saving approximately £30.00 per winter month due to the Vortex. They have also advised that their house is more comfortable and that the heating is quieter.

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