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Nottingham - Condensing Combi-Boiler case study


Courtesy of Vortex Energy Saver

  • Customer: Mr Tony Goodyear, Heating Engineer
  • Location: Nottingham
  • Heating System: Gas Condensing Combi Boiler
  • installed: 08/07


  • New condensing boiler fitted within the past 12 months had failed to rectify noise from pump and problems with air present in the system.
  • System generally very noisy.

We were approached by Mr Goodyear through his regular supply merchant in Nottingham who had reported to Mr Goodyear that we had a product that could possibly rectify his heating problems.

Having first spoken to Mr. Goodyear about the current situation with his heating system we advised the installation of the new Vortex unit with a little caution at first simply because the unit had never been installed on a sealed system. Although Vortex is designed to fit in all types of systems every other unit sold had been installed within a gravity fed system with two tanks in the loft. We therefore had little or no historical data on its performance with a sealed system.

Mr Goodyear took the unit with a promise to keep me informed of the result of the new installation.

Mr. Goodyear rang me to report that the problems the old system was manifesting had disappeared within the first 10 minutes of recommissioning the system, which was now:-

  • Running almost totally silently.
  • the difference in the boiler performance was such that the Main thermostat was turned back a full ¼ turn.
  • heat up and recovery time was faster.

Mr Goodyear is exceedingly pleased with the performance of the Vortex unit and admitted he was very sceptical of my claims. He reports that he will have no hesitation in recommending Vortex to cure the ills of heating systems, including those with condensing boilers, where he reports there can still be significant energy savings.

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