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Nuclear code of ethics


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The nuclear industry is inseparable from the other techniques making up our industrial society. It is not an excrescence that can be lanced without impinging upon the other sectors of this society, one of whose aspects is its interrelativity. The ethical question concerning nuclear energy in its application, its operation, its use, is part of a wider question from which it cannot be separated: the question of development and of technical progress. It is one of the impressive aspects of nuclear energy, either because its technology and performance are admired, or because its effects are feared and its potential perils denounced. Nuclear energy is a fruit of the irreversible progress of scientific and technical knowledge, which brought it into being, and whose expansion it now largely ensures. It derives from the profound dynamics of human beings wishing to put their knowledge at the service of humanity, for its well-being and its development.

Keywords: code of ethics, nuclear industry, nuclear energy, nuclear power, sustainable development

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