Nuclear Industry Testing of PetroZorb Application

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Courtesy of Safety DImensions (SDI)

The article describes application of PetroZorb microporous sorbent for application to the removal and disposal of radioactive liquids in the nuclear industry.  The material removes the presence of liquid, enabling the waste to be transported as a solid, and reduces the radioactive vapors to an acceptable level.

Previous to this exploration, SDI has manufactured PetroZorb exclusively for its excellent vapor reduction characteristics in application to the chemical spill cleanup of solvents and fuels with explosive vapors.  These properties are particularly important for spills indoors and in confined spaces where the potential for explosion is a persistent threat to responders and property.  SDI's patent for PetrZorb incorporates adsorbed CO2.  Upon contact with the explosive liquid, the liquid is not only adsorbed and achieves a flash point above the explosion limit, but also gives off a layer of CO2 gas that gives protection from ignition during the adsorption process.

Currently tests are under way at KAPL to develop logistics for the safe adsorption process of the actual radioactive liquids into SDI's PetroZorb product.  This development paves the way for the future application of PetroZorb to other hazardous vapor applications, such as formaldehyde or dry cleaning fluids of concern to human health.

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