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Nuclear Iran facing the USA

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Iran's efforts to endow nuclear capacities date back to the Shah's era, and were at that time developed through a close collaboration with the USA. Those plans were presented as civil programmes, but comprised, beyond any doubt, some military potentialities. As a first step, the 1979 Islamic Revolution completely interrupted any activity in this field. But more recently, uranium enrichment activities were developed to a pace that triggered the reaction of the USA, preoccupied by the potentiality to see a nation of the 'Axis of evil' to endow massive destruction weapons. Although they did not find any proof of any prohibited activity, IAEA inspections did not dissipate the doubts, and pressure grew up against Teheran (such as sanctions taken by the Security Council). Nevertheless, it may be thought that the line taken by Teheran is more subtle, and does not consist in having the nuclear weapon, but rather to be in a position to have it.

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