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Nuclear law stands on thin ice

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Revealing the questionable actions of many radiobiologists exposes the Achilles heel of nuclear law. Documentation of systematic deception is reason enough to change nuclear law. Much evidence comes from mis-statements by seven committees for the Biologic Effects of Ionizing Radiation (BEIR). These fraudulent interpretations led ignorant physicians, the media and government officials to accept the 'linear no threshold' (LNT) dogma. These misrepresentations are fully rebutted by rational interpretation of data. The best data comes from exposed nuclear workers. Eight independent epidemiological studies, involving almost 12 million person-years, consistently showed that increased exposure to ionising radiation was associated with decreased cancer mortality rates. These questionable actions kept ionising radiation from its role in abundant health.

Keywords: atomic bomb victims, BEIR reports, cancer, mortality rates, lifespan, misinformation, nuclear workers, radiation effects, nuclear law, legislation, radiobiologists, biological effects, ionizing radiation, LNT debate, worker exposure, occupational exposure, radiation workers, nuclear energy, nuclear power

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