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Nuclear self esteem

Being technically multifaceted and complex for understanding by the general public, the capability of some nuclear applications, especially nuclear power, and their potential in helping with some of the most important global issues, seem to be underrated by the public. A few elements that are responsible for this 'higher complexity lengthier pipeline' from demonstrated performance to public perception are discussed in this work. Comments are made on the sustained good results of the last two decades and on several indications of increased recognition that are becoming apparent, especially the recent double Nobel Prize to the IAEA and to the Agency Director General. This paper also addresses some recent facts and issues of this nuclear trajectory and reflects on the possible outcomes of our improved collective self-esteem.

Keywords: climate change, effective communication, nuclear applications, nuclear energy, nuclear power, public acceptance, risk perception, self esteem, Nobel Prize, IAEA, Mohamed El Baradei, nuclear industry, International Atomic Energy Agency

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