Oak Ridge Solar Installation Case Study

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Courtesy of Patriot Solar Group

'We were very happy with PSG's installation crew. The crew was professional and were able to get the system installed with racking and panels within two days.'Project Overview

  • Zuercher Electric and Patriot worked together on initial project designs for ZYP Coatings beginning in April 2013. Patriot’s sales and engineering team designed a layout to optimize limited space in consideration with module string sizes.
  • Construction was set to begin in early June, but major set-backs with the permitting process created project delays. Permitting was finalized in late July, when severe storms brought torrential rain and flooded the site, creating further delays.
  • Site installation finally took place in August, where Patriot’s 3-man crew drove posts, assembled racking, and installed modules in 2 days. The 50 kW system will produce more than 60,000 kWh annually for ZYP Coatings

Project Objectives

  • Design racking system layout to optimize small site area and work with desired module string size.
  • Engineer ground mount system to be low profile, meeting customer aesthetic preferences.
  • Install entire racking system and modules in short time frame, to make up for major delays and set backs.

Project Results

  • System layout was designed to be most cost effective with longer rows East and West; maximizing the electricity output of array footprint.
  • Racking system met all customer aesthetic requirements and met all local building design codes.
  • Patriot’s install crew completed entire racking and panel installation within 2 days.

Customer comments

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