Oil refinery application case study


Courtesy of Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd

This case study illustrates an application on an oil refinery.

Main Reasons for use:

  • Increase efficiency of production
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Reduce excess flaring of gases


Fushun Oil Refinery No.2 is located in NE China. Fushun has 2 medium sized oil refineries both have installed Wap-Flaro for various reasons.

Ambient temperature is -5°c in winter and 24°c in summer.

Fushun Oil Refinery No.2 has two sites, the North Plant and the South Plant. Wap-Flaro has been installed on both sites.

The North Plant Wap-Flaro generates 400m³/h
The South Plant Wap-Flaro generates 800m³/h

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