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OILmiser biodiesel blending systems

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This two day event saw an international mix of government officials, company executives, MRO service personnel and individuals, all interested in the manufacture, supply, distribution and, ultimately, the end use of biodiesel fuels.

It was abundantly clear that the science and technology, as well as the infrastructure for the manufacture of biodiesel fuel is a well established reality. Clear too, is the strong support and incentives from every level of government. Clearer still, is a complete lack of simple tools and procedures that support and encourage the end use of biodiesel fuels. It’s on the shop floor in a typical vehicle service center, where the rubber meets the road.
JLM Systems Limited and OILMISER™ Technology was there to demonstrate the safe storage and handling of B100 biodiesel, and the efficient blending and dispensing of blended biodiesel fuel in a work place environment

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