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Optimal placement of FACTS controllers for maximising system loadability by PSO


In this paper, a multi objective–based method has been suggested to enhance the power system loadability with optimal placement of flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) controllers using particle swarm optimisation (PSO) technique. The objective function is to maximise the system loadability subjected to maintaining the system security, integrity, and stability margins within limits by obtaining the optimal location, installation costs, and control settings of the FACTS controllers. The various FACTS controllers, i.e., static var compensator (SVC), thyristor controlled series compensator (TCSC), and unified power flow controller (UPFC), have been considered in this study. The effectiveness of the proposed methodology has been investigated on the standard IEEE 14–bus, 30–bus, and practical Java–Bali 24–bus Indonesian system and the results are compared with the method suggested in the literatures. Moreover, the results obtained by PSO have also been compared with other evolutionary approach, viz., genetic algorithm (GA).

Keywords: maximum system loadability, particle swarm optimisation, PSO, genetic algorithms, GAs, system security, stability margins, thyristor controlled series compensator, TCSC, static var compensator, SVC, unified power flow controller, UPFC, energy conversion, optimal placement, FACTS controllers, flexible AC transmission, power systems

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