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Optimal Power Flow under Variable Wind Generation

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In this paper Optimal Power Flow (OPF) problem is solved for a power system, which includes wind power as an additional generation input under variable load conditions. The fixed-speed Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) option is considered in this study: simulations have been performed for various sizes of wind farm attached to the IEEE 30-bus systems using the DIgSILENT Power Factory simulation software and all simulations used the DIgSILENT package. The main conclusion is that a fixed-speed wind farm generator is effective in minimising the losses and the total generation cost as well. IEEE 30-bus system is considered to demonstrate the suitability of the proposed approach for solving the OPF problem.

Keywords: real power, loss minimisation, DiGSILENT, optimal power flow, variable wind generation, wind power, wind energy, wind turbines, simulation, wind farm generators, power systems

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