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Optimising Your Plant�s Number One Asset - People


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The refining and petrochemical industry is currently undergoing a significant transformation fueled by a need to become leaner, more efficient organizations. As plants look for ways to successfully navigate this transformation, the most significant trend emerging is associated with the way operators and maintenance technicians are viewed. Specifically, organizations are transforming their view of point-ofmanufacturing personnel from task-based employees to professional, knowledge-based employees. With this change in view, the focus of employee development is switching from task-based training to the development of employee competence.

Defining Competence
To better understand the transformation described above, we must first define the meaning of competence. The term “competency” refers to a set of related knowledge, skills, and attributes (KSAs) that enable an individual to perform a specific set of behaviors or activities. When applied to employee development, competencies represent the KSAs required to successfully perform the required duties of the position. While the ability to perform discreet job tasks represents a certain level of competence, there is a distinct difference between task-based training and competency-based training. Let us first define and examine the various levels of employee competence so that we can better understand this
difference. (Note: The breakout given here is used for example purposes only. In practice, competency levels are typically defined according to employee progression schemes.)

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