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Pakistan’s energy dilemma: a call for global support

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With the beginning of the 21st century Pakistan is facing energy crisis. In the short term, protests against energy shortages are exacerbating tensions in this highly volatile and tenuous nation. In the long term, failure to invest in renewable energy will derail economic development and forestall sustainable growth, exacerbating an already incendiary short-term situation. The government has to simultaneously manage critical problems such as terrorism and energy shortage. The only viable short-term and long-term solution is for developed nations to assist Pakistan in investing in its green energy infrastructure. The purpose of this paper is to argue that developed countries must honour their commitment to help developing nations invest in energy infrastructure as a way of bridging the gap towards a green economy; and there is no better candidate than Pakistan. This paper will investigate Pakistan’s economy short-term energy dilemma; while justifying a call for global support.

Keywords: energy, renewable energy, Pakistan, green economics

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