Pakistan SZS Gas Fired Steam Boiler


Heavy Oil, Light Oil, Residual Oil, Natural Gas, City Gas, and Blast Furnace Gas can be used as Fuel. The boilers can also be applied to generate electricity at some districts where electricity power is in short. So are a variety of industrial productions, living and remote areas, and oil field. Even they can be used as a power plant boiler startup.

SZS series oil & gas boilers are double-drum vertical 'D' type water tube boiler. It is composed of upper and lower drum, membrane water wall, convection tube and flue gas condensate recovery unit .After combustion of the fuel in the furnace, flue gas passes from convection bank and flue gas condensate recovery unit into the chimney.

SZS Gas Fired Steam Boiler Product structure:

Condensing indirect heating hot water unit consists of three parts: furnace body, heat exchangers, and condensers. Heat exchanger can be set into single or double according to different needs. Upper portion of furnace is expansion tank, and condenser installed in the flue. Thus, thermal efficiency of the unit has been improved a lot.

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