Parabolic Trough Report 2014: cost, performance and thermal storage


Courtesy of FCBI Energy

'Strategically plan your commercial trajectory and optimize profitability in the increasingly internationalized parabolic trough market.

About this report:

  • Critical Market Specific Cost Data: Receive the most up-to-date, industry validated cost data breakdowns from CAPEX to OPEX in defined optimal parabolic trough plants across 8 markets (Chile, India, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE, Spain and US).
  • Realistic LCOE Models: Determine the LCOE of Parabolic Trough technology by market, benchmark emerging CSP markets against the traditional key markets and identify the longitudinal trend with market specific LCOE forecasts.
  • Energy Yield and Performance Output Data & Analysis: Identify and benchmark the market specific energy yield and performance characteristics, including solar field thermal output, online parasitics, net energy, total operating hours, solar-to-electricity efficiency and water consumption.
  • The Evolution of Thermal Storage (TES): Use the global project pipelines to understand how and to what extent TES is being increasingly incorporated into Parabolic Trough plants, and gain insight into the latest R&D initiatives in TES tipped to reduce cost and optimize performance.
  • Market Share of Parabolic Trough Technology: Strategize your investment in and gauge your profit from Parabolic Trough - the most widely deployed CSP technology - by understanding the long-term market share, growth and viability of this technology, including market-by-market pipelines and key comparisons with other CSP technologies.

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