Pasteurisation of input materials in Pfaffendorf, Germany


Courtesy of EnviTec Biogas AG

Location Pfaffendorf/Germany

Capacity 2 x 500 kWel

In operation since 08/2004 and 09/2007

Input materials Flotate fat, cattle liquid manure, DDGS, waste from biodiesel production

Features The farming enterprise now utilises all fermentation residues as valuable fertiliser. The input materials used in the biogas plant in Pfaffendorf are limited to animal fats from butcher's shops and cafeterias, cattle liquid manure, DDGS from agricultural operations and waste supplied from biodiesel production. The plant consists of two modules with a rated electrical output of 500 kW each. As the electricity produced is fed into the local grid, the exhaust heat from the co-generation units serves to pasteurise the input materials, all of which are heated for at least one hour at 70 degrees Celsius.

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