Pemex implements Xp3 Fuel Additives to extend equipment life

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Courtesy of Xp3 Canada

Xp3 is part of their maintenance budget and operations to extend equipment life. Used on oil rig equipment and perforation equipment.

Petroleos Mexicanos, which translates to Mexican Petroleums, is the Mexican state-owned petroleum company, created in 1938 by nationalized petroleum. It is the biggest enterprise in Mexico, the largest taxpayer in the country and one of the largest companies in Latin America.

It’s one of the few oil companies in the world that develops all the productive chain of the industry, from exploration to distribution and selling of end products, including petrochemicals. During 2012, total revenues amounted to one trillion 647 billion pesos, obtained an operating income of 905 billion pesos and investment amounted to 311 billion pesos.

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