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Performance evaluation of a hydrogen-ethanol fuelled engine

The work presented in the paper is an attempt to evaluate the performance characteristics of a hydrogen?ethanol dual fuel combination with different percentage substitutions of hydrogen (i.e. 0-80% with an increment of 20% by volume) at three different compression ratios of 7:1, 9:1 and 11:1 with varying equivalence ratios. In the present study, experimental investigations have been carried out on a computer interfaced, four-stroke cycle single cylinder compression ignition engine which was converted for spark ignition and carburetion to suit ethanol fuel and a provision was made at the inlet manifold of the engine to induct hydrogen gas. It is found from the present study that the compression ratio of 11:1, equivalence ratio of 0.9 and 60-80% substitution of hydrogen to ethanol is effective in improving the performance of the engine.

Keywords: dual fuel engines, ethanol, performance evaluation, hydrogen, internal combustion engines, engine performance

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