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Gardens are a beautiful part of every home but they usually take center stage during the day. Lighting up your garden will make it a spectacle both during the day and at night. Lighting it up will bring some life to it and the surrounding property because light has a way of livening up things.

You may be wondering whether the lights will not bring too much brightness to your home and cause unwanted attention. This does not have to be if you use solar-powered garden lights. These lights usually have a dim glow that does not hurt the eyes when they turn on. This ensures that the ambience created is warm and inviting.


There is quite a range of lights available for you to decorate your garden. There are those that have low poles on them and they can be easily driven into the ground by pushing them in or driving them in with a rubber mallet to avoid damage and others are much closer to the ground.

Garden lights are generally low-lying so as to provide the right setting. They can therefore be used to highlight garden borders, pathways or even marking out the steps to your front door. Your choice will depend on where you would like to put the lights and the effect you would like to see. 

Various designs

You can have lights that are formal, complete with a hanging lantern or any other fixture that gives off that allure. Where you would like to make it a little more fun, you can use lights that are of various shapes and sizes. There are solar lights that are shaped like dragonflies, fireflies or butterflies. These will help when you want to create a playful surrounding. You can place them on trees or walls for added visibility.

The design possibilities are endless and you can even use lights that look like grass shoots. The bottom line is that your garden is lit and beautified.

Solar street lighting may seem like it is the only option for lighting up outdoor spaces but these garden lights reckon differently. Placing lights close to each other will achieve more light and further apart will of course lead to more of a glow on the garden.

Complement the garden features

Choose the right type of garden lights that will bring out what you would like to see. You can have them focus on specific areas of your garden that you would like to bring attention to like a water fountain. A string light, a lantern, a cluster of lights shaped like animals or insects would all do the trick.

Combining the lights and the garden leaves behind a heavenly picturesque surrounding. Choose your lights well and instead of just going for brightness use their versatility to create a certain theme that you like. That way, every time you see your garden at night you will have ample light to see around as you walk and enjoy the endless possibilities of lighting up your garden using solar.

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