PG & E Utility Company Speak Out on the use of Window Film for use in Energy Savings


Applied solar control films, also known as adhesive-backed films, are the most common retrofit technology for an unanticipated heat gain or glare problem. These thin metalized polyester films use an adhesive backing to attach the film to the inside surface of existing windows.

Applied window films have changed dramatically since first introduced in 1968 and bear little resemblance to early products, which scratched or peeled easily and had only a short life. Current products are highly scratch-resistant, the adhesives are long lasting, optical clarity is excellent and the films generally hold up 5-15 years depending on environmental and other variables. However, quality varies among manufacturers. Choose one with an established reputation in this technology.

The performance advantages of films include solar heat reduction, glare reduction, UV reduction, increased shatter resistance, and some improvement in insulation value. Films are typically a highly cost-effective retrofit technology.

PG&E offers rebates for film applied in commercial buildings, for single pane south-, east- and west-facing windows. Visit the Express Efficiency page or contact your local PG&E office for more information.

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