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Photovoltaic technology of electricity generation for desert camping

This paper presents a case study on the utilisation of global solar radiation data on horizontal surface to perform an economic feasibility study of using Photovoltaic (PV) panels with battery backup to meet a small load for a camping site in Saudi Arabia. The analysis considers three scenarios with daily average energy demands: (a) full load, (b) 75% load, and (c) half load, with annual peak load of 3.84, 3.06 and 2.27 kW, respectively. Each of these loads is further studied economically to investigate the effect of battery storage for one to five days. The paper also compares the cost of electricity generation in $/kWh between the PV system and diesel-generating systems. The economic indicators suggest that larger PV systems are preferred over the smaller ones with minimal storage option.

Keywords: renewable energy, photovoltaic cells, feasibility study, economic, isolated power systems, solar energy, electricity costs, solar radiation data, solar power, photovoltaic technology, electricity generation, desert camping, camp site electricity, Saudi Arabia

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