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Polar air cargo at Schiphol airport case study


Courtesy of Sprung Instant Structures Ltd

Polar Air Cargo is a global leader in the international air cargo market, specializing in time-critical, airport-to-airport scheduled freight service. In April of 2004, Polar Air Cargo was in a difficult situation. They had outgrown their existing facilities in Liege, Belgium, and were looking for a more strategically located airport to expand their business and better service their existing clientele.

Schiphol Airport seemed to be the obvious choice for their relocation, but with one major issue: Schiphol could not provide Polar Air with the required 102,000 square feet of warehouse space that they required. The airport had available land but not enclosed space. Polar Air looked into alternative building solutions that would meet a very short time-frame for delivery and installation.
After reviewing all of their options, there was only one company that could meet their requirements. Polar Air Cargo looked to Sprung as their solution of choice for an immediate cargo sorting facility and storage solution.
Sprung delivered and installed three structures totaling 102,000 square feet and measuring 130’ x 262’. Erected in just eight weeks, from time of order to time of completion, Sprung’s immediate delivery facilitated a smooth transition from Liege to Amsterdam with close to no interruption in business.
Sprung’s attractive, permanent appearance features attributes typically found in conventional construction. A state-of-the-art rapid-rolling door system ensures speedy delivery of cargo at an airport that offloads 14 aircraft weekly (each door can be automatically opened and closed within seconds), and Sprung’s patented skylight system reduces lighting costs during daylight hours.
With a flexible leasing and purchasing option, Polar Air Cargo exercised the convenient option of purchasing the Sprung structures.

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