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Policy oriented review for photovoltaics introduction in the EU

In order to continuously monitor its targets towards a 'green Europe', the European Commission has set up a project to enhance the availability, completeness and quality of data regarding new energy technologies (NET), energy end-use efficiency (EEE) and energy research and technology development (RTD). The scientific reference system (SRS) established in the framework of this project was intended to support a number of stakeholders in their attempt to make better informed decisions. In this paper, we discuss the information gathered for the solar photovoltaic (PV) technology by using the SRS methodology. First, the SRS approach is summarised and following that, we present the findings of the research conducted by analysing the data regarding PVs. A general overview of the PV technology, industry and market is provided. Moreover, special attention is given to the energy policy frameworks in Europe and to the PV future potential in the EU and worldwide.

Keywords: scientific reference system, SRS, data validation, renewables, photovoltaics, PV, support schemes, energy policies, renewable energy, EU, European Union, energy end-use, energy efficiency, energy research, energy technology development, solar energy, solar power

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