Power generation from maize in Germany does justice to climate


Courtesy of Hofstetter BV

Type     HOFGAS®- IFL1c 360
Performance     360 Nm3/h / 2700 kW / 40mbar      
Customer     Schmack Biogas AG (DE)


Actually, it's all quite simple: maize grows with the help of the sun, and power is produced from maize. How is this brought about? Vegetable raw material is converted to methane gas by microorganisms in an innovative biogas plant. This way, the end product is green power or heat.

Schmack Biogas AG is one of the leading all-inclusive suppliers in the German biogas-plant sector. As an optimum extra to its system, Hofstetter disposes of excess biogas safely without harming the environment.

Technical Requirements

  • Incinerator designed for basic load and maximum load
  • Volume flow 40 / 380 Nm3/h
  • No visible flame

Utilisation of the HOFGAS®- IFL1c biogas flare with concealed incineration.
The gas is led at a constant pressure to the biogas flare.

The flare normally runs at level 1 and disposes of the basic load safely without harming the environment.  When the block-type thermal power station undergoes inspection, the second level is connected, and the maximum load is incinerated.  The signals for this are emitted via the overall control system of the operator.

Client’s Benefits

  • Flexibility through operation for basic load or maximum load
  • High availability of plant
  • Biogas flare is simple to operate
  • High standard of safety
  • Low maintenance


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