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Power plant power for mining - Genser Energy - Case Study


Genser Energy

Tarkwa, Ghana

PGM130 Powered by Titan™ 130

Reliability, Responsiveness, Cost Savings

Genser Energy is an independent power producer headquartered in the USA with operations across West Africa. Gensers largest operation is located just outside the town of Tarkwa in the jungles of southern Ghana. The Tarkwa Plant is on the mining concession of the Gold Fields Limited Tarkwa gold mine in the West African jungle. In this region, the majority of power is provided from hydroelectric and thermal sources. However, the energy industry in Ghana is constantly evolving, including the type of power being produced and the method to produce it. Genser Energy's vision is to increase generation capacity in Ghana and West Africa by providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions to the gold mines as well as the people in the nearby villages.

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