Power to change

In the coming decades, the world will need double today’s generation capacity. We in the power sector have a strong opportunity to take a lead in combating climate change. But we cannot do this alone. We need to work with governments and other stakeholders to find solutions. We realize some of these changes will take many years, but there is no time to lose and it is only through combined efforts that we will succeed in creating a low-carbon, sustainable energy future.

The power sector bears a front-line responsibility in the urgent global struggle against climate change. It is willing to take resolute action to address a three-fold challenge :

• Sustain economic growth through competitive and available electricity generation

• Reduce CO2 emissions and mitigate the impact on the environment

• Ensure access to affordable energy for low-income customers to guarantee social cohesion.

This challenge is huge, but not out of reach. Representing some 10 % of the world’s global installed generating capacity and serving over 304 million customers every day, we within the WBCSD Electricity Utilities Sector Project are eager to face up to our responsibility. We believe in a sustainable electricity future that will be achieved through progressive decarbonization of the electricity mix, more efficient use of electricity by end-users and through enhanced substitution of electricity for fossil fuels.

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