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In today’s world, everything we do almost revolve around power and power generating equipment are very necessary for that matter. Industrial, commercial and residential needs drive the need for the generation of power and power equipment. There is a very rapid growth of this need which begins in huge plants and then is disbursed using power lines to substations and finally to the transformers which bring power to the consumption level.

This entire process needs a number of heavy duty appliances systems and transmitters that must remain in good shape. There is a huge market for such power generating equipment because the market is global and everyone needs power in one form or the other. The following are the various power equipment applied to generate, transmit and distribute power.

Overhead Power Conductors

These are used for the transmission of power via overhead power lines. They work in either medium or high voltage lines and ensure that there is a free flow of electrons from one atom to the other and from one molecule to the other.

Power Capacitors

These are used for the purpose of supplying a static source of reactive power in the entire system of electrical distribution. They have the capacity to handle different phases of voltage from the first phase to the third phase.

Power Convertors

These are used for the purpose of changing power from one form into another through either the electromechanical or the electrochemical method. They generally are used in industrial, commercial or medicinal purposes for the control of voltage to ensure that equipment does not get destroyed because of voltage variations or during power outages.

Power generation Boilers

Most power plans will have very large boilers which are used for the purpose of burning fuel so that heat can be generated. Water is usually heated in the boilers to cause it to generate huge quantities of steam that is then transferred to turbines. Boilers use anything from coal to wood or even oil and natural gas for the purpose of burning to generate heat.

Power Generators

A power generator generally uses kinetic energy which is transformed into electric energy using electromagnetic induction process. Generators supply electricity to different purposes and are used to provide power as backups during outages through various sources of energy.

Power Plant Valves

These are apparatus that are used for the purpose of controlling the flow fluids in the fluid in fluid power circuits. Generally, they control the rate, the pressure and the direction that the fluids take. They have a very vital role to play in the safe functioning of nuclear plants.

Power Storage Devices

These storage apparatus are used for the purpose of storing electricity and then providing it to implements that are controlled using electricity. This is generally used in cases where utility power is lacking.


These are devices that are used for the interruption or switching of circuits that are either opened or closed. They contain electoral disconnects and fuses as well as circuit breakers that are designed for generating, transmitting, distributing and also converting electric power.


Turbines are used for the conversion of kinetic energy into mechanical power through the creation of impulse or reaction. This change then creates electricity.

Voltage Regulators

Voltage regulators are very important because they help in controlling a regular flow of voltage automatically. They can be used in the regulation of either AC or DC power when a difference occurs in the flow of power.

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