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Profi survey 2008


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The German agricultural magazine “Profi” published at the end of 2008 the results of a national biogas operator survey. Profi asked a total of 2.580 or approximately 70% of the 3700 German biogas plant operators about their opinion regarding service, maintenance, and technical equipment of their plant provider. 631 operators returned the completed questionnaire, of which 297 could be used to evaluate the eight companies below. The number of questionnaires returned for other companies was not sufficient to allow an evaluation.

The first part of the survey focused on customer satisfaction with reference to the quality of the works and the service provided. In the first question of the survey the operators were asked about their opinion regarding quality of construction and maintenance provided by the biogas firms, particular their satisfaction about construction work and quality of the installation, the functionality of the controls and the number of failures, last but not least the required effort for maintaining the plant. With 90% of the customers fully satisfied PlanET was vote as best company in the area of installation and maintenance.

The second question focused on satisfaction about the service, which includes the commissioning, support during commissioning, after-sale support as well as emergency service, fair dealing behaviour and spare part supply and logistics. Also in this sector PlanET reached the pole position with 85% of their clients expressing their full satisfaction.

One further question was if the operator would build their biogas plant again with the same provider. The results are similar to the ones of the different categories above. It is a clear indicator for the success of PlanET Biogastechnik that 93% of their customers would build their biogas plant again with PlanET. If problems occurred the PlanET service teams were available to solve them, and the survey shows that the plant operators trust in the technology and the knowledge of PlanET

When it comes to the technical equipment, focus of the second part of the survey, PlanET is amongst the best biogas plant providers. The survey focused on the following components: solid-matter charging systems, agitation and mixing systems, digester, biogas storage, control system and pumping systems.

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