Pros and Cons of Fossil Fuels


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Used for centuries, fossil fuels have played a vital role in every individual’s life. It has been used for domestic and industrial purposes all across the world. Alike any other thing, it also has some advantages and disadvantages.

Fossil fuels are the derivative of plant and animal fossils. As the name suggests, these are made from organic remains or decay of plants and animals. These fossil fuels including coal, natural gas, and oil/petroleum help in meeting energy and electricity demands in modern world.  These three were made many years ago under the surface of earth from the decomposition of dead plants and animals.

Like other fuels, fossil fuel has a number of advantages and disadvantages. To control the negative impacts caused by the fossil fuels, people have switched to briquettes and setup briquetting plant. They now use combination of both biomass and fossil fuels to strike a right balance.


• One of the biggest advantages of fossil fuel is they have higher capacity to generate huge amount of electricity.

• These are easy to find.

• Coal is cost-effective especially when used in power plants. Coal is also available in abundant quantity.

• Transportation of fossil fuels to the power stations can be easily done with the help of pipes lying underground.

• Power stations that make use of fuels can be constructed at any location as long as you can get large quantity of fuel to it.

• Simple combustion method of these fuels enables easy running of vehicles.

Cons or Disadvantages

Rising Price

Rise in demand of fossil fuel leads to its shortage and increase in the price. Another reason for the hike in the price of oil and other fuels is that most of the countries have to import these fuels from other countries. The fuel reached in those countries also includes different taxes, which are directly added in its cost.

Environmental Hazards

Burning of fossil fuels causes a number of environmental hazards. Pollution is one of the major disadvantages. It is because when fossil fuels are burnt they emit carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas. It leads to rise in temperature and global warming. This rise in temperature can result into melting of polar ice caps, rise in sea level and flood in low lying areas.

Health Problems

Due to rise in pollution, risk of ozone layer depletion has increased. This ozone layer is actually responsible for protecting earth and human beings from harmful ultra-violet rays which can cause to skin cancer and other health problems. In addition, pollution caused by burning of fuels in vehicles can also cause to serious health problems like Asthma and other chronological diseases. Ozone layer depletion can also lead to acid rain that can destroy the crops.

Non renewable

As the fossil fuels are extracting to a high level, it is sure that they will be extinct someday. It is because they are non-renewable. One of the solutions is to increase the reliance upon biofuels which are manufactured by biofuel machines.

Required huge amount of reserves

Coal power plants need huge amount of reserves to generate electricity on a regular basis.

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