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Prospects for nuclear energy in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus

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This paper presents an analysis of the prospects for nuclear energy development in the Eastern European countries of Belarus and Ukraine and in the Caucasian countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The main focus is on Ukraine, but some reference is made to the prospects for energy development in other countries of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. The contribution of nuclear energy to electricity production in the Ukraine is analysed in the short term (2015-2025), medium term (up to 2050) and long term (2050-2100), along with energy supply dependency, local air pollution and global climate change.

Keywords: energy resources, nuclear energy, nuclear power, uranium, oil, natural gas, electricity generation, GHG emissions, environment, nuclear safety, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Caucasus, greenhouse gases, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, energy supply, air pollution, climate change

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