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Prospects for nuclear energy in South Asia in the 21st century

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The South Asian region is characterised by low per capita energy consumption. There are large differences in the region with regard to energy resource endowments. In the entire region one notices an excessive use of non-commercial energy. The region has significant hydro-potential, which needs to be fully exploited. There are possibilities for trade in energy in the region. India is the largest country in the region and coal is the mainstay of electricity generation in the country. Considering the fast economic growth in India in recent years and its fuel resource position, large-scale growth of nuclear installed capacity in India is inevitable. As a long-term option, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka could also consider setting up nuclear power plants.

Keywords: energy resources, renewable energy, coal, hydro power, nuclear energy, nuclear power, environment, fusion, thorium, economic growth, fast reactors, South Asia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India

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