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Prospects for Renewable energy in Poland

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Poland is the only country in Central Europe rated in the top 25 countries for investment in renewable energy by Ernst & Young in their final 2007 report. Rated number 19, Poland has a diverse and growing renewable energy sector. The U.S. Commercial Service concluded in 2007: “Poland has very favorable technical and economical factors for renewable energy.  Poland has begun to experience a shift and political and public support away from traditional fossil fuels and toward the development of renewable energy resources.”

Pressure to meet the EU Directives on renewable energy along with the recent change in government to a more forward-looking, pro-EU governing party have combined to increase optimism in the sector.  Under the EU 2020 Directive, Poland will need to reach 14% of its electrical power in renewables, 10% of its fuel, and a new Directive will likely add heating renewable obligations (important here where central heating plants are common) .

In 2007, Poland ended the year with only about 3.8% of its electricity from alternative, renewable sources. To meet the 14% objective, an enormous investment of new capital will be required and appears to be already in progress.

This report looks at each sector in renewable energy in Poland and analyzes its current level of development, its potential size, the legal and technical  issues surrounding its expansion, and the current estimated rate of return on investments in the sector. The report is prepared from the standpoint of a potential investor seeking to begin evaluation of an investment in renewable energy in Poland. It includes some items that would be normally part of due diligence as well as some useful financial planning and projection information. In most cases, the report includes links to the primary sources as well as an appendix with contact details in the renewable energy sector.

The author has lived in Poland for the last eight years working in the environmental and renewable energy sectors and previously worked as an attorney and consultant in the United States in the same field for twenty years.

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