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Proton Power 25m3 DIY Syngas Storage


Courtesy of Base Structures Ltd

Based in Tennessee USA Proton Power Inc. (PPI) was founded by 2 remarkable entrepreneurs with previous successes in such diverse areas as aircraft brakes and neutron absorbers (don’t ask!). With this kind of history we knew their requirement was going to be beyond our usual scope.

We weren’t wrong - they requested a 25m3 Base gas holder in which to store a syngas mixture with high hydrogen content at very low pressures. Not being chemists but being aware of the inherent difficulty of dealing with hydrogen we first set about providing the client with permeability test certificates from a credible laboratory so they could assure themselves as to our materials suitability. We were pleased to discover that this was achievable with no complicated modifications required to our existing system.

The syngas created by the Proton Power technology in this application is used to generate 500kw of electricity for the customer. Because of the high hydrogen content, the waste product from the combustion of the syngas is primarily water, and the waste product from the initial hydrogen extraction is biochar, a highly effective soil amendment material.

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