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Public Toilet with Biogas plant

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Naivasha  is  a  small  town  located  at  the  shores  of  Lake Naivasha  about  80 km  north  of  Nairobi. The  town  cover  an area  of  30  km2  and  has  a  population  of  approx. 70,000 people. The excreta management in the town relies mainly on pit latrines, less than 5% of households and businesses are connected to the sewer system and to a poorly functioning wastewater treatment plant.

This project focuses on how to improve the living conditions of the residents and travellers by providing safe environmentally – friendly sanitation solutions with emphasis on the reuse of the human waste as a resource (ecological sanitation). And also find a business-orientated solution that creates economic incentives for the water sector institutions to invest in sanitation.

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