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Quantitative assessment of solar energy geo-policy risks

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Fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, gas, and wood, are the major part of contemporary energy mix. However, forecasts predict that solar energy will take up to 70% of global energy mix by year 2100. Solar energy has embedded risks, e.g., social, geopolitical, health-related, etc. These risks should be addressed in advance to prevent negative consequences but little research has addressed systemic risks of solar energy use growth. The paper empirically researched geopolitical risks and produced the following contributions: 1) identified geopolitical risks of solar energy use proliferation; 2) quantified geopolitical risks in statistical analysis. Findings of the study may help policy-makers, industry and international organisations prevent possible conflicts for solar energy control.

Keywords: solar energy, energy policy risks, geopolitical risks, quantitative analysis, risk assessment, solar power, renewable energy

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