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Spire Corporation is a leading global solar company providing turnkey solar factories and equipment to manufacture photovoltaic modules and cells. With over 40 years and $100 million in R+D and PV, our years of experience and technical depth put us in a unique position to ensure the success of our customers. Applying this expertise across all product lines, Spire has a rich heritage of utilizing science and research to develop leading edge products that generate renewable energy and deliver advanced solutions to businesses worldwide.

Spire assists in the process of setting up a PV factory from initiation to final product. As an expert in IEC certification, Spire gets you to the market quickly by partnering with you and providing leading technology, certification and critical knowledge required for success.

PLG Group is one of India’s leading corporations with interests spanning a number of industrial sectors, including plastic manufacturing industries, flour mills, oil refineries and farm houses. The Group is committed to world-class standards and benchmarks and invests in state-of-the-art technology to gain strategic advantages. PLG Power Limited is the Energy and Power division of PL Group, a multifaceted organization involved in manufacturing and agro-based industries located in Mumbai and Kolkata, India.

In 2008, PLG was new to the module producing business, but knew that the industry was going to expand over the next few years. Through many negotiations, it became clear that a high performance semi-automated crystalline cell module manufacturing line capable of producing up to 25 megawatts of solar modules per year was the best choice. Spire’s objective is to supply the process technology and training to operate the factory, as well as assistance in qualifying the factory and its modules to international standards and certification.

The contract between Spire and PLG was made in June 2008. Within 1 month of the contract, PLG achieved IEC certification and ramped to production with 25MW manufacturing line. In December 2009, they ramped up to 50MW Crystalline Solar PV manufacturing capability. They expect to expand to 100MW of c-Si modules by 2010.

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