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Realisation of the energy saving policy in the Czech Republic

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The article provides a survey on the principal tendencies during the implementation of the energy saving policy in the last decade in the CR, and the principal framework for improvement of the system for the implementation of the policy of energy saving and utilisation of renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic as provided by the Energy Management Act. The energy savings projects are financially supported by the National program of economic management and use of renewable and of secondary energy sources. The article also informs about the results achieved in the field of decreasing fuels and energy consumption and improvement in the impact of the energy sector on the environment. A significant contribution can be seen in the cooperation with EU states whose results the article also outlines.

Keywords: energy policy, Energy Act, Act on Energy Management, Czech Energy Agency, State program and supports, indices of energy intensiveness, energy and environment, international cooperation, Fund ESF, Fund MUFIS

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