Redhill Primary School - case study


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Reducing energy costs and shrinking carbon footprint without compromising on comfort

When it came to choosing the right heating and cooling solution for Redhill Primary School, Worcestershire County Council wanted a sustainable alternative to the less environmentally friendly methods of oil or gas.

ENER-G Sustainable Technologies (EST) delivered a full turnkey solution from thermal conductivity testing and design, right through to commissioning and handover at the 275-pupil school, a new build project that opened in April 2007.

The quality of service was mainly due to ENER-G’s extensive experience in the design and installation of ground-coupled heat and pump systems that provide heating and/or cooling for all types of domestic and commercial buildings.

The Redhill Primary School project required specialist knowledge from our team of experts which comprises fully certified Geo-Exchange Designers and IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association) accredited installers including mechanical engineers, drilling operatives, pipe welders and ground workers.

Having all these skills set in house gave us full control in terms of project management ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

After carrying out a thermal conductivity test at the site we ascertained the soil’s thermal characteristics and this, along with the building’s energy load, gave us the two most important pieces of data required for system design.

Our fully qualified Geo-exchange designers used the very latest GLHEPRO design technology to create an individual system that is accurately tailored to meet the unique requirements of Redhill Primary School.

Three heat pumps were fitted, connected to 28 vertical bore holes situated underneath the school’s car park. The system provides heat using a 'wet' under floor system, and cools using fan coils.

ENER-G worked in partnership with Worcestershire County Council to ensure that the heat pumps met the exact criteria of the design for the school.

Three different systems were required: underfloor heating system, heating for the hot water supply and cooling from fan coils in the server room.

As the three elements needed different delivery temperatures at the same time we specified three separate heat pumps.

These were:

138kw Ciat GSHP
Supplying a flow temperature of 45°C to the under-floor heating.

9.3kw Ciat GSHP
Supplying a flow temperature of 7°C to the fan coil circuit.

31.5kw Cosfi GSHP
Supplying a flow temperature of 65°C to the hot water store.

The work involved our specialist team drilling 28 vertical bore holes and installing the full primary circuit with relative ease.

Worcestershire County Council successfully achieved its main objectives of building a school with lower running costs and reduced carbon foot print, without compromising their heating, cooling and hot water requirements.

EST helped to achieve these objectives by supplying state-of-the art technologies that delivered maximum efficiency and complete peace of mind.

An additional benefit is that the installation of microgeneration technologies such as ground source heat pumps in schools can be used as a valuable educational tool in environmental

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