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Reflective radiator panel case study


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Installed Measures:
Supply and installation metallised saw tooth radiator panels installed behind each radiator to reflect heat from the back of the radiator eliminating loss through the wall and increasing the running temperature of the radiator resulting less fuel used the retain the centre point temperature of the room.

This process is where Environment 2000 began its journey down the energy efficiency route. From the very early stages both of these school boards saw the potential of this system as it not only acts as a form of insulation to reduce heat loss through the wall behind the radiator but it helped heat up the radiator faster and cool down slower which resulted in the boiler firing less and the temperature of the room warmer which meant the thermostat could be turned down to reduce fuel consumption. This simple, straightforward and cost effective method of energy reduction was the obvious choice for these school boards to reduce their carbon footprint and improve the conditions for each of the schools occupants.

These contracts have been running for a number of years and have been completed in live school buildings where our professional teams of fitters liaise with the schools staff and management to ensure the least amount of disruption is caused. Our fitters have been fitting panels for almost 20 years and our process has been perfected. We have delivered on time year on year and our quality standards are such that we have had to call back to less than 1% of our completed contracts.

As part of our standard contract we offered our one year call back guarantee.

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