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Reform of China's electric power industry: facing the market and competition

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China has the second largest electricity supply system in the world. Since implementation of reform and opening-up policy, the Chinese power industry has grown rapidly. Now the Chinese power sector is undergoing a major transformation from a state-owned sector to a market-oriented industry. This paper presents the background and main tasks of this new initiative, the progress made so far and the problems faced by the sector in taking the initiative forward. The analysis shows that China's power sector reform has achieved some goals and began to acquire confidence. At the same time, widespread electricity shortage in the country is a challenge that has the potential of slowing down the reform. The paper argues the power sector reform must be continued and also proposes a set of policy recommendations for driving the reform and long-term development of the country's power sector.

Keywords: energy supply, electricity reform, power sector reform, competition, China, market-oriented reform, pricing reform, developing countries

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