Renewable energy and its role in sustainable mountain and eco-tourism in Nepal

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Sustainable mountain/eco-tourism can be regarded as a tourism business that helps in fostering the economic activity of mountain regions, where proper management and care is taken for not degrading the natural, cultural and social environment. There is wide scope of mountain/eco tourism in Nepal, where the country has the highest mountain and other beautiful ranges, high altitude lakes, immense biodiversity and variation of socio and cultural environment. Development of eco-tourism plan since cannot be made in isolation; roles, relation, and impacts of different rural infrastructure development should be considered precisely in the tourism development plan. The integrated tourism development strategies, if also consider the management of natural resource could be a supportive tool for the sustainability of the tourism business. Energy, which is the pre-requisite and crosscutting tools for the economic development, its role is also very important for the sustainability of eco-tourism. High mountain settlements, where sustainable eco-tourism needs to be promoted, have limitation on access to national grid and other viable commercial source of energy, in this situation the role of renewable/alternative energy is very significant for establishing and operation of basic and productive end-uses, which are major inputs in the tourism business and for its sustainability.

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